Metal or Plastic: Which Frames Are Right for You?

Metal or Plastic: Which Frames Are Right for You?

Do you need to get eyeglasses because of issues with your vision? Choosing between metal frames or plastic is the immediate problem faced by those new to eyeglasses. Your frames can feel deeply personal, since you’ll be wearing them daily and they will be part of how you present yourself to the world. 

Harlem VistaSite Eye Care in New York City doesn’t just provide eyeglass prescriptions, but we also offer a full selection of eyeglass frames, including both generic frames and designer frames such as Gucci®, Chanel®, and Ray-Ban®. 

Metal frames

Metal frames are a great choice if you want a sleek, unobtrusive profile, and your prescription calls for fairly thin lenses. You can choose a style that will go with any type of wardrobe, and that will fit closely to your face for maximum safety and security when doing activities out of doors.

Metal frames are strong, flexible, lightweight, and resistant to common corrosive environmental factors. The metal frames we carry are typically made of titanium, a hypoallergenic material that will work well even with sensitive skin types. Our team can also recommend Beryllium, aluminum, stainless steel, and Flexon frames that are highly durable and flexible.

Plastic frames

Plastic frames are extremely popular, especially if you like making a statement with your eyeglasses and would like to have several inexpensive pairs of frames rather than one more expensive pair. You can choose from a wide range of styles and colors.

Plastic frames can also more readily accommodate thicker lenses, so if you have a complex prescription it might work better for you. They don’t have the tricky nose pads that require constant adjusting and can be fit to your face for minimal adjustment after the fact. We can recommend Zyl or blended nylon-based frames for ideal comfort levels.

Do you play sports?

If you participate in athletic sports. Eye safety is paramount. Sports activities without proper eyewear lead to many glasses-related injuries every year. Ask us about proper eyewear based on your chosen sport, and we can make sure you get the eye protection you need with the prescription lenses you require.

We can also help you adjust your glasses if they get thrown out of whack because of being knocked off or smashed into your face by accident. Just come by our office, and ask us for help. Your glasses fit is important to your comfort and also to ensuring the lenses are correctly aligned for the best vision possible.

Ready for your next vision checkup? Call us, or book an appointment online with Harlem VistaSite Eye Care today.

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