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Eyeglasses Specialist

Harlem VistaSite Eye Care

Optometry located in Harlem, New York, NY

Eleven million Americans over the age of 12 wear eyeglasses to treat farsightedness, nearsightedness, blurry vision, or age-related close-up vision loss. The team at Harlem VistaSite Eye Care in New York City works with you to find the best-suited eyeglasses for you. They partner with high-quality brands to provide durable glasses with top-of-the-line lenses. We offer a wide selection non designer and designer frames such as Gucci, Chanel and Ray Ban with many others to choose from. Schedule an appointment today by phone or online to find out which eyeglasses work for you.

Eyeglasses Q & A

What are the different eyeglass lens types?

All eyeglasses are made using one of two basic lens types. A single-vision lens serves as an all-purpose lens to correct distance vision, while multifocal lenses are dual-purpose in that they correct both near and distance vision. There are two main types of multifocal lenses:


Bifocal lenses are divided into two sections. The bottom half of the lenses correct near distance, and the upper half corrects distance vision. The team can recommend Double-D bifocals, which also contain an up-close vision correction feature at the top.


Trifocals function similarly to bifocals, except that they’re divided into three sections: Intermediate vision, distance vision, and near vision.

The team at Harlem VistaSite Eye Care works with Shamir, Essilor, and Zeiss diagnostic, manufacturing, and imaging tools to determine the best lenses for you.


What are the benefits of progressive lenses?

Harlem VistaSite Eye Care works with the highest-quality brands to ensure that your glasses not only correct your vision but that they also look good while doing so.

When you get eyeglasses through the practice, you’re getting a smooth transition between distance and near vision focal areas, rather than the traditional type of transition lenses that are divided by a visible line.

The team can also recommend blue-blocking lenses if you spend much of your time working at the computer to protect your eyes from computer screen light damage.


How should I pick the frame for my eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses come in a wide range of styles, ranging from plastic to metal. If the design is important to you, the team can recommend a frame material that gives you the support you need and the aesthetic satisfaction you’re looking for.

Metal frames

Metal frames are sturdy, resistant to corrosive environmental factors, and lightweight. In most cases, they're made out of titanium, which is a hypoallergenic material that responds well to your body.

The team can also recommend Beryllium, aluminum, stainless steel, and Flexon frames for a durable and flexible fit.

Plastic frames

Plastics frames are generally the most popular, since they’re less expensive and come in a wider variety of styles and colors. With proper care, your plastic frames can last for years without the need for replacement.

Your doctor can recommend Zyl or blended nylon-based frames for a flexible and easily adjustable fit.

If you’re having difficulty seeing, contact Harlem VistaSite Eye Care today by phone or online to schedule an eyeglasses consultation.